1. Contact us by e-mail: . You get to speak with the builder himself and decide all the details of your instrument.

2. Together we go through all the details of your instrument, and You will also get the total price for your custom instrument.

3. To confirm your order, you have to complete an advance payment (35 % of the total price).

4. When we have received your advance payment, we will start building your instrument. You will get pictures and information about your instrument during the process.

5. You pay the rest of the payment (65 % of the total price) when the instrument is finished. At the same time, we’ll agree on a shipping method with you.

6. When we have received your complete payment including shipping charges, we will ship your instrument. You will also get a tracking number to follow your shipment.

For international orders, the following payment options are available:

1. Bank transfer
2. Cash (in case of a visit)

Shipping prices vary according to country. We’ll inform you about the rate when you place the order.

Approximate building time (depends on your custom features)

Bolt-on basic models: from 3-5 months and up.
Neckthrough basic models: from 3-5 months and up.
Neckthrough customs: from 6-12 months and up.
One-of-a-kind Customs: 4-12 months and up.


Each Amfisound guitar is a custom instrument. It’s based on your visions and built at the Amfisound workshop (Haukipudas, Finland) by Master Luthiers Tomi Korkalainen and Sampo Leppävuori. Each instrument features the high-end Amfisound standards we have set up for our instruments. Our guitars are rare, traditionally hand-made, and customized according to your wishes and image. The construction and shape of a guitar has always been the most important thing in our company! Which means adapting it to today’s music standards. So gluing cool woods together and yet using the same old standards just simply won’t do. Each Amfisound instrument features exceptional clarity and accuracy in every note. In other words, our ”unplugged” clear sound is built into our constructions and shapes.

We design, build, sell, and market our guitars by ourselves. Building takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication.This also means that we do not have much time for sitting in front of the computer. We usually answer fast, but please be patient if you do not get an answer to your email right away or information on how your guitar is getting along; it doesn’t mean that we don’t build it. Quite the contrary, it means that we are busily building and crafting. Feel free to contact us when you think so; your email will be answered – ALWAYS! Thank you.

If you want to cancel your order after the advance payment has been made, we keep 50% of your advance payment. The rest will be refunded to you. All cancellations have to be made within 2 weeks from the time of the advance payment. We will not provide refunds for cancellations that are made after this period. After you have received your custom instrument (guitar or bass), it is not possible to cancel or return your order; Amfisound does not provide any refunds.